We are the watchdog the timeout lost on the Servers No more still stand or continue walk Or continue fly this is fix we hope this
for all people's on the grid virtuallifeworld, we have the grid virtuallifeworld deleted and remove and the regions and land's and the data grid virtuallifeworld have much probleme.
the grid crashed time to time and could not more working ,
we have the grid virtuallifeworld on new started and is now online,
all people's must a new account make,
as you a region will say how big you region will region's is 256x256 512x512 768x768 1024x1024,
build make not much meshing on your land or copy's from other grid's,
much meshing can the server crashe, not all meshing can not good working, put you a object out and you can this not see than is this object or meshing not good,
the server look first that this good is,
build mush with the viewer,
have you a free region and you build not on your region in a month or you come not more online than remove we your region,
as you well online come and build in a month than remove we your land or well region not

your can a account make on virtuallifeworld or virtualparadiseworld

I,am self mush on virtualparadiseworld for ask

thanks for you respect admin Valtino